When you move your Flex project, your amf_config.ini is also moved, but the paths in it will not work, because they should be adjusted to point to correct paths on the server.

A typical error is this : Class "yourservice" does not exist, Plugin by name 'yourservice' was not found in the registry; used paths:

Open the amf_config.ini file in your application root folder, and change the paths. There are three paths that you need to set anew.

Webroot is the path to your application folder on the server

webroot =/var/www/home/yourflexfolder

zend_path is the path to the zend engine. Check directories and ask the admin if you cannot find it.

zend_path =/usr/share/php/Zend

amf.directories point to your services folder. In that folder you have the php files that connect to database to read or write data. In almost all cases, the services folder is a subfolder of ‘yourflexfolder’.

amf.production = false

A common mistake is to use home while setting relative paths. For example:

webroot =/home/yourflexfolder

If you do that, make sure that home really points to where you think it does. Another common mistake is using uppercase letters in folder or file names and then forgetting them. Make sure it is services, or yourflexfolder, and not Services or YourFlexFolder.