It seems that Turkish companies have found a way to advertise on Facebook -for free.

The basic idea is this; why would you pay for your ad to appear on Facebook pages while you can have Facebook users post your ad to their walls for free?

But how can you get users to post this ad to their walls? The solution is fairly easy, and it seems that Turkish ad companies have already found it: You create Facebook applications, and have them post your ad to user wall. Facebook API allows applications to post status messages to user walls, but first there is the permission hurdle that the application should overcome.  Have a look the interface picture below.

In real world, you can never see this permission interface.  Nowadays applications come with permissions like this:

Again, why would users give permission to applications to do that? Some viral applications manage to persuade users. Consider video applications; users see a fancy looking video and once they click on it to watch, the application asks for permissions.  Many users just click on “allow” to see the video at once, and they do not even read what permissions are asked. From the marketing point of view, “Post to my Wall” permission is the mother of all evil. This allows the application to post any ad it likes.

So when you happen to see a fancy app,  please think about the permissions it asks for, and watch out for what it posts. Some even started to post sexual material.